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Water Technologies for Municipalities and Industries

Aqua Services & Engineering

The leading Namibian Water Treatment Company, with the aim to be your ultimate technological partner and service provider in water treatment in Namibia and neighbouring countries.

Trickling Filter Technology

With our modern trickling filter design and technology, an effluent quality equal to or exceeding conventional activated sludge technology is achieved.Our trickling filter system can, process-wise, be compared with the Three-Stage Phoredox (activated sludge) Process, i.e. the final effluent from a trickling filter system will be of similar or better quality than the final effluent from a Three-Stage Phoredox process. Trickling Filter Plant


öAris School - 20m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Aris School - 20m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Aris School - 20m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Aris School - 20m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Düsternbrook Lodge - 5m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Elisenheim - 500m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Elisenheim - 500m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Gondwana Canon Lodge - 30m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Gondwana Canon Lodge - 30m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

LHU Phase 1 - 30m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

LHU Phase 2 - 30m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

LHU Phase 3 - 30m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Langstrand - 600m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Langstrand - 600m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Leading Lodges Dewawa - 12m3/d Trickling Filter Plant

Over 40 trickling filter plants constructed and maintained by ASE, over the past 20 years throughout Southern Africa have proven the success of the concept. Many of these plants are on lodges, mines and even smaller communities. The small footprint, no smells or nuisance insects and the simple construction provide an excellent opportunity to have the unit constructed in close vicinity, reducing the costs to reuse the final water.

Multi-local presence


Aqua Services & Engineering (Pty) Ltd (ASE) was established in 1993 as a company to support the local water treatment industry. This mainly includes the supply of turnkey water and wastewater treatment installations, water treatment equipment (components), chemicals and a fully-fledged instrumentation section.

Over the past years, ASE has successfully completed numerous projects on a turnkey basis in Namibia. These not only included small projects such as a 5 m³/h potable water treatment plant for Noordoewer, but also larger projects such as the supply of mechanical equipment and the erection of the 156 Ml/d Von Bach water treatment plant outside of Okahandja.

We are pleased to announce the merger of Aqua Services & Engineering (PTY) Ltd with Veolia Water Technologies, which was finalized on 14 November 2008.


It is our mission to be able to implement the latest water treatment technologies by using local Namibian expertise. ASE is committed to giving customised water treatment solutions and to optimise and maintain the present water treatment infrastructure in the country. While we are environmentally conscious, we endeavour to establish a solid expansion base into neighbouring countries, providing quality service to the communities through our dedicated personnel.

It is our vision to be ...